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These SDA Cup tournaments are the perfect opportunity to enjoy some team fun. The SDA Cup competitions will feature teams from all over Sydney. The SDA Cup hosts 5v5 Football, 5v5 Basketball and 6v6 Indoor Volleyball. Teams will register online for the SDA Cup and will have to pay a registration fee on the day. The SDA Cup will host various tournaments throughout the year with the key goal of bringing the community together.

COVID-19 Update | SDA CUP Postponed

As you are well aware, in the recent weeks COVID 19 (Corona Virus) has become a global issue being declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organisation. It's reported that there are now 78 cases in NSW, and at least 126 across Australia (most recent number published by Australian Government Health Site)

This has raised some concerns for the Greater Sydney Conference in regards to what events/gatherings we are to go forward with or alternatively postpone to a more suitable time. After much discussion between the Youth Directors, Senior Church officers, NSW health, Risk Management Services, and other trusted advisors – it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to postpone the SDA Cup.

The Government has now been advised to ban all 500+ events/gatherings, however, there are also a number of other reasons that have influenced our decision to err on the side of caution –

  • The number of participants attending (600 + people)
  • The proximity of people to one another while attending the events (SDA Cup will force people to be close to one another)
  • The rapid rise of cases within Australia (especially in NSW)
  • The impact and the ability for the virus to seriously harm or kill those who are more vulnerable to its effects

Our desire to do our best to not bring people into harm’s way, or fuel the already rapidly spreading virus.

While it’s true that people could decide to stay home if they wanted to avoid the risk, we have decided to do our best to ensure that people are cared for and that we are not fuelling this global issue at this time.

We would like to err on the side of caution as we move into unchartered waters – monitoring its development at every step so we can chart a new map to move forward.

We realise a lot of planning has already gone into these events, and we sincerely thank all volunteers for their efforts! We would like to clearly emphasize that we only plan to postpone the SDA Cup, not cancel!

We will be looking for dates that suit later in the year and will be closely monitoring the spread of the virus to make sure the new dates are suitable to run.

Please keep this matter in prayer and let’s hold close that Jesus is leading us through all things to better times.

Warm Regards,

Jonathan Dawson

SDA Cup Director | 0414 680 704

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